Did Disney ‘Tease’ X-Men and Fantastic Four Movies Yesterday? Not Exactly

Yesterday the Walt Disney Company held their third-quarter earnings call, and websites thirsty for any sort of Disney-Fox MCU news jumped on Bob Iger’s opening statement and misrepresented what he was saying.

Focusing on the Fox purchase and specifically the upcoming direct-to-consumer (DTC) Disney streaming service, Iger was talking to investors about how Disney plans to use the Fox assets to strengthen the streaming service. While they’re obviously going to make X-Men and Fantastic Four movies, the focus was on the streaming service as Disney says it’s the company’s biggest priority next year.

Lots of sites are running a quote from Iger he made during his opening comments to back up their claims that they teased X-Men and Fantastic Four movies, but they forget the include the context where they were talking about how Disney intends to use the Fox purchase to enhance their streaming service:

“20th Century Fox Film is yet another example. It gives us the opportunity to be associated with and to expand iconic movie franchises like Avatar, Marvel’s X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Deadpool, Planet of the Apes, Kingsman, and many others. We’re obviously very excited to leverage the Fox assets to enhance and accelerate our DTC strategy, but I want to be clear that we remain incredibly and enthusiastic about the movie theater experience.”

The focus even in the Q&A segment was on the streaming service, and all of the talk about content was basically Disney ensuring investors that their $70+ billion purchase of Fox will be used to build that up.

Far too many people were talking the comments on the call as “hints” as MCU installments of X-Men and Fantastic Four, and again while those will definitely happen that’s absolutely not what Disney was hinting at yesterday.

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