Trying to Compare Ant-Man & The Wasp and Solo’s Opening Weekends Doesn’t Work

This weekend Marvel Studios had their 20th #1 opening weekend with Ant-Man and The Wasp when the movie opened 33% higher than the 2015 original with $76 Million. Immediately when the numbers came out you saw some people start to wonder why people declared Solo: A Star Wars Story a bomb when it only opened with $103 million, yet Ant-Man is seen as a success. Because unlike people on the internet looking to fire up outrage and hate mobs for YouTube views, most people look at reality when it comes to such things.

Not every MCU movie is Infinity War or Black Panther, and even Marvel knows this from the first Ant-Man that still has the lowest MCU opening at $57 million in 2015. It’s also Ant-Man, a character most casual fans didn’t even know existed before the first movie released. With a $162 million budget, Deadline estimates that Ant-Man and The Wasp will turn about $100 million in profit, and Marvel is pleased with the sequel’s $20 million increase over the original as it expands those little-known characters..

That’s why comparing it to the Solo: A Star Wars Story opening doesn’t work.

With a budget $100 million more than the Marvel Studios movie (thanks to the reshoots) and starring one of the best-known characters in the entire franchise, Solo: A Star Wars Story is actually going to lose $50-80 million according to the Hollywood Reporter. That’s why Ant-Man‘s opening is seen as a success and Solo‘s was not. One is expanding the characters to a bigger audience, and the other is going to end up losing a lot of money.

Look, I’m a huge Star Wars fan, even though I think the fandom is a complete garbage fire right now. Those trying to compare the Ant-Man opening to Solo‘s aren’t looking too smart as they are just spouting hot-take headlines without looking at the facts and numbers behind the two movies.

There’s also another part of this. Right now on the Star Wars side of things there’s a YouTube industry of performance outrage where channels who never posted Star Wars videos prior to December 2017 suddenly began posting daily videos to rile up hate mobs to attack Lucasfilm and the franchise.

With 18 months until the next Star Wars film, the meal train for those channels is going to start to slow down, and some of them are going to turn their sights on Marvel. It’s probably going to pick up more as we get closer to the release of Captain Marvel. Comparing Ant-Man‘s opening weekend to Solo‘s is just the sort of ignorant headline these people will latch onto as their opening to pivot their hate cannon right at Marvel.

Thankfully that sort of manufactured outrage business model won’t last long. Like those forgotten websites from the dot-com crash of the early 00’s, those YouTube channels eventually fade away as most sane people on the internet would rather focus on things they like, instead of just complaining about things they don’t. Unless, of course, it’s something really terrible that deserves being blasted…like Fantastic Four 2015.

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