No Iron Spider Suit in Far From Home?

Here’s something interesting, it sounds as if Tom Holland may be swinging around Europe in a normal Spider-Man suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home as opposed to the high-tech Iron Spider suit he wore in Avengers: Infinity War.

The other day, Tom posted an Instagram video where he talked about a dehydration adventure he was going on and at the end of the video he mentioned the Spider-Man suit he has to wear and how it’s difficult to go to the bathroom in it. The Iron Spider suit was actually entirely CG so he just wore motion capture pajamas for that. If he’s in a Spider-Man suit that’s hard to go to the bathroom in, then he’s likely wearing a traditional suit.

Here’s the video:

It’s common for the suits to change between movies. Besides story reasons, it also has a marketing side to it so new toys can be made for the new movie. So it’ll be interesting to see if his suit has any visual changes to it from the one he wore in Homecoming and at the beginning of Infinity War.

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