Kevin Feige Says Avengers 4 Will Be a ‘Definitive Ending’

With Ant-Man and The Wasp in theaters now and eight months until Captain Marvel, it’s going to be a little bit of a dry spell for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in terms of movies, but Kevin Feige seems to be keeping the hype alive with the interviews he’s been doing lately. And one he did recently about Avengers 4 is going to scare people.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Kevin Feige had this to say about what Avengers 4 does to the MCU:

“But, storylines can come to an end. The best stories do come to an end. Return of the Jedi was an ending for a long time and as a 10-year-old in 1983 that carried me through 30 years until there was a sequel. That hasn’t happened before in the superhero genre. A new actor comes in and a new storyline starts right away. We wanted to do it this way because we think that the best stories have a definitive ending to a storyline. That’s certainly what’s going to happen next year with Avengers 4.”

No, that doesn’t mean the whole MCU ending. But the huge on-going story line about the Infinity Stones that’s been going on for the past ten years will end next May. Then the “Phase 4” movies will kick off a brand new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and begin building up to an even bigger story than that of the Infinity Gauntlet. What will that be? Clues are already starting to be dropped, and with the looming Fox purchase by Disney it’s possible it’ll be a planet-eater sized threat that MCU will be facing when it approaches its 20th anniversary.

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