Kevin Feige Debunks the Doctor Strange in Far From Home Fan Theory

Ever since Avengers: Infinity War came out and people saw Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland on the press tour, fans have kind of expected to see Doctor Strange appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home. With Mysterio confirmed to be the villain, the theory picked up steam over the last few months, alas according to the real Sorcerer Supreme Kevin Feige it’s not to be.

In a short interview with Slashfilm, Feige kills the fan theory once and for all:

Peter: I’m wondering ’cause London there is a sanctum there. Is Doctor Strange gonna be the one in this one?

Kevin: No.

Peter: No?

Kevin: I could be coy about it but no.

Peter: (shocked that he gave a direct response) Okay.

Kevin: I don’t wanna get people excited. But Benedict and Holland have liked the idea of working together.

So that means the crazy speculation about what MCU character will appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home will begin all over again. With filming underway, it’s possible we’ll find out one way or another pretty soon.

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