When and How Marvel Studios Could Reveal the Avengers 4 Title

Ever since Marvel Studios decided to not reveal the Avengers 4 title at CineEurope, the internet has been infested with hoaxers who are making up fake titles in an effort to fool people into thinking that the title was actually revealed. It’s also sparked a new round of speculation of not only what the title could be, but also when Marvel Studios could reveal it. There are realistically a couple of scenarios where it could happen.

The title could still be leaked via a licensee. I’m not talking about a blurry picture taken at an angle off a laptop screen like everyone is trying to fake now, but just a title leak from someone who is working on the merchandise side of things as those companies are starting to work on their Avengers 4 stuff already. But if that doesn’t happen, these are the realistic options for the reveal:

  • The Avengers: Infinity War home video release: This actually isn’t too far away. The movie hits digital on July 31st and Blu-Ray/4K on August 14th. It’s possible they could do a featurette about the next Avengers movie on that release and the title will be included there. The digital version includes all of the extras from the disc, so it could be as early as the end of next month.
  • A Social Media reveal: People laugh at this, but that’s how Lucasfilm revealed the titles for The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and Solo. It’s definitely a possibility and something another company owned by Disney has done three times. The Last Jedi reveal was actually done that way because the trailer was being finished and they had to put the title on it, and they didn’t want it leaking through unofficial channels. The same could happen with Avengers 4.
  • The first trailer: This would be the latest they’d wait and it’d be a miracle if it didn’t leak from the trailer as people see those long before the public does. If they wait this long, it wouldn’t be until late November until it comes out.

Remember, Marvel Studios is not in Hall H at SDCC this year, they are not doing a Phase 4 event, and there’s no D23 in 2018. So there’s not really a big event where they could do the reveal. The three options above are the most realistic ones, so remember that the next time someone sends you a blurry title logo made in Photoshop and taken off their laptop screen.

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