The Non-Spider-Man Version of Civil War is Finally Revealed

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans know that Marvel had an option for Captain America: Civil War if the Spider-Man deal with Sony fell through, but until now we’ve not known what the movie would’ve been like without Peter Parker making his debut in it. Now we do.

In the latest episode of Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast, Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus are asked what Civil War would’ve looked like without Spider-Man, and they explain how boring it would’ve been:

McFeely: He would recruit somebody else. He probably recruits Ant Man would be that idea. We had a section where you could recruit somebody.

Markus: We actually went to San Francisco, got him. It would not have been as cool.

McFeely: I believe he was watching his daughter play soccer. It wasn’t very good.

So there it is. If Mavel wasn’t allowed to use Spider-Man in Civil War, Tony Stark would’ve recruited Ant Man. That would put Scott on Tony’s team and that right there would’ve made for a very different MCU going forward based on Infinity War.

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