The Leaked Avengers 4 Promo Art Helps Confirm a Huge Rumor About the Movie’s Plot

Over the last two days more merchandise promo art from Avengers 4 has leaked online, likely from licensees in China as the source was the Weibo social network over there. These leaks confirmed that full team image that came out a few weeks ago was definitely real, and if anyone is doubting that at this point they’re going to look like even bigger fools when the movie releases.

When that art originally leaked, I explained how it seemed to confirm the rumors, but now there’s even more confirmation on the way. There’s a huge part I can’t write about just yet, but next week we’ll be able to dive into this even more with a much bigger confirmation that will give everyone a clearer idea of how Avengers 4 begins and how they may be able to stop Thanos.

The previous leak and these clearer images do seem to confirm the rumor that there is a large period of time between the snap and the point at which Avengers 4 begins. The original rumor said five years, but it could be any number close to that. Whatever it is, several years have passed since Thanos wiped out half of the life in the universe, and when Avengers 4 picks up, audiences will feel just as confused as certain characters will.

This time jump seems to be confirmed in the character promo art:

  • Black Widow has red hair again and her hair is in a pony tail.
  • Iron Man still is wearing his “bleeding edge” armor from Infinity War. Presumably, the death of Peter broke Tony causing him to retire as Iron Man and no longer develop new suits of armor while working with S.H.I.E.L.D..
  • War Machine is seriously upgraded, which would make sense if Tony Stark is no longer Iron Man the government would pour money into Rhodey’s suit and keep him top of the line.
  • Hulk appears to be “Professor Hulk”, meaning that in the time since the snap Banner and Hulk have worked out their differences.

Once again, there’s a really big piece here I can’t include just yet. There’s half of this that can’t be talked about right now, but next week we’ll go into detail on that and it’ll also explain why it is going to make a lot of sense for them to start Avengers 4 with a time jump instead of showing the Avengers immediately going after Thanos following billions of people on Earth dying.

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