Jay Chandrasekhar Has Met With Marvel Studios About…Something

Marvel is really starting to ramp up their Phase 4 movies with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 starting production in January, directors being met with for Black Widow, and writers being hired for The Eternals. Now there’s news that a popular comedy director has met with Marvel and there are already theories flying about what he could direct for them.

According to SyFy Wire, Jay Chandrasekhar of Broken Lizard and Super Troopers fame had a general meeting with Marvel:

“They sent me the Marvel Encyclopedia and they said, what do you guys want to do? So, it’s upstairs. My kid’s going through it. And he’s going to make a list of what he thinks we should do, and I’ll go through it. I’m curious to see what a 13-year-old’s mind comes up with.”

But aside from the Broken Lizard movies, Chandrasekhar has a long resume of really solid television work. Much like the Russo Brothers, he directed several episodes of Community, and it’s that television experience that may have drawn Marvel to him.

There’s a theory (nothing official) going around that Chandrasekhar could be who Marvel has in mind for The Eternals. That movie is really ramping up, as it’s set to be their big new franchise, and the rumor is that they will be introduced in some way in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. If they are, then Marvel will probably want to have a director ready in time for that filming so they can collaborate with James Gunn.

Again, it’s nothing official but it is a theory that seems to fit…

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