About Those ‘Spider-Man: Field Trip’ Rumors…

Late this week several sites are running a “rumor” that they are sourcing from Reddit about the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel that claims it will be titled “Spider-Man: Field Trip“. The problem is Reddit isn’t the original source of the rumor, and I’ll go over the history of this “plot dump” in this post so you can decide if you want to believe it or not.

The origin of the rumor isn’t actually the Reddit post that everyone is citing. As with most things on the internet, the rumor actually originated on 4Chan (here’s an image of the original posting). As the internet food chain tends to work, someone sees a 4Chan post they think will be popular on Reddit and then they post it there for some easy karma on the site.

99% of the time people are posting these plot leaks on 4Chan as a joke and they’re completely made up. For example, last week Heroic Hollywood ran an article where they actually believed an Avengers 4 plot leak (on Reddit, originated from 4Chan) that says at the end of the movie Tony Stark crushes the Power Stone to dust and snorts it like cocaine.

Then there is the 1% where someone does post something legitimate to 4Chan, such as the guy in November of 2017 who made an Infinity War post that correctly stated that Red Skull would show up and that Thanos would have to kill Gamora to get the Soul Stone. Those were things no one else was putting in their bogus plot leaks for the movie, and it turned out to be completely correct.

This is the Spider-Man: Field Trip rumor that’s being spread around, analysis follows after the jump:

Set after AVENGERS 4. Peter is revived, and it appears Tony Stark will indeed die and Peter will be mourning his death. The plot revolved around something groundbreaking that Stark has created, and which is stolen and Spider-Man must retrieve.

Set mainly in London. Peter and his friends are there for a conference sponsored by Stark Industries. MJ, Ned, Liz, Flash and Aunt May are returning, alongside the Midtown students and staff from HOMECOMING. Gwyneth Paltrow is also supposed to appear as Pepper Potts.

Mysterio is the main villain. He is an international thief and master of illusion, who has stolen Stark’s creation at the behest of a mysterious employer. Apparently, there are plans to include the fishbowl helmet, but he will not wear it throughout the movie.

Jessica Drew is a MI6 operative pursuing Mysterio, who begrudgingly teams up with Spider-Man to stop him. She has no superpowers, but is a combat expert and skilled tactician.

Peter develops a rivalry with a new student, Alistair Smythe, a technology prodigy who is determined to upstage him. Smythe is “manipulative” and tries to turn Peter’s friends against him. His father, Spencer Smythe, works for Stark Industries.

Vulture and Scorpion will appear in minor roles. Scorpion is apparently working for the same man who hired Mysterio to steal Stark’s creation, and they attempt to get Vulture to betray Spider-Man’s identity to them.

Mysterio’s employer is apparently a major villain from the comics and will be prominent in SPIDER-MAN movies going forward. No word on who he is yet, but he will have a minor appearance in the movie. Marvel and Sony eyeing A-list actors. Casting won’t be officially announced. Supposed to be a surprise twist.

Yes, they are building up to the Sinister Six, but they are not guaranteed for a potential third movie in the series.

The title (so far) is SPIDER-MAN: FIELD TRIP.

Could it be legitimate? There aren’t too many red flags:

  • The title, “Field Trip“, is actually perfect for a movie traveling around the world and not set in the high school.
  • Many people have pointed out that Liz coming back debunks it since she graduated from high school, but there are many reasons why a college student could pop up in Europe and bump into Peter. Also Sony likely signed the cast to the standard three movie contracts everyone does so they would want to bring her back in some way.
  • The plot makes a lot of sense, there’s really nothing crazy there. It fits with the sort of story they’d tell in the MCU.
  • The fact that he didn’t reveal who Mysterio’s employer is is actually not a red flag. Most people faking this sort of thing will blurt out a big Marvel villain name (like Green Goblin) to get people excited and sharing their BS. That didn’t happen with this one.

I’m not saying it’s real, but it doesn’t set off as many “BS alarms” as most of the fake plot spoilers people post.

The untitled Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel will begin filming next month in locations including London, Prague, Venice, and New York City. Those hoping to get a glimpse of Spider-Man running around Atlanta like last time will probably be disappointed.