Analyzing That Living Tribunal Avengers 4 Rumor

For a few weeks there have been some rumors people have been spreading around that say we’ll see The Living Tribunal in Avengers 4. Is it true? Honestly at this time there’s no way to be sure, but here’s where it’s coming from so you know the origin of it all.

The first hint of it came from that Avengers 4 rumor dump from the guy who got quite a few big things about Infinity War correct (Red Skull, the Soul Stone, etc.). In that rumor dump he claimed that Doctor Strange was filming a scene by himself on a green screen talking to a completely CG character. Obviously people assume this is a cosmic character if it’s entirely on a green screen.

Today comes a newer version of the rumor being spread around places like Reddit that says Doctor Strange is speaking to a cosmic being who is aware of Thanos’ actions, and they use the quote “With great power comes great responsibility and little happiness” to hit at their identity. That quote is said by The Living Tribunal in the comics.

The other part of this is Jim Starlin recently hinting at a convention that he’ll be receiving additional credit on Avengers 4, which means one of his other characters will appear in it, only he didn’t create The Living Tribunal. Stan Lee, Marie Severin, and Herb Trimpe did. That means that the Jim Starlin hint is likely pointing to someone like Starfox or Mentor appearing, although if The Living Tribunal shows up it’s very likely that the Starlin character is Eon.

So right now it sounds like there’s apparently some kind of CG character in the movie who is part of a scene with Doctor Strange. Right now there’s no way to be sure if it really is The Living Tribunal or not, but with Marvel moving Phase 4 into a much more cosmic realm with stuff like The Eternals it would make a lot of sense for them to start introducing large cosmic beings such as that…