The Most Excellent RUMOR of What Avengers 4 May Be About

Over the last few days there’s been a rumor spreading around about what next May’s Untitled Avengers movie may be about, and if it’s true it’s pretty awesome. Before diving into this I need to say it’s just a rumor with no way to verify, and it could have parts true or not have any truth to it. But it does mesh with some news that’s come out about the movie as well as set photos from the filming that have been seen over the last few months.

Also since this follows Avengers: Infinity War, there are of course potentially spoilers for what happens after Infinity War, but I was careful to not address anything specific from Infinity War as to not spoil exactly what happens in that movie.

The rumor says there will be a five year time jump between the ending of Infinity War and Avengers 4. This would explain why an older actress was cast to play Cassie Lang in in the movie. In addition to that, there were set photos of Tony Stark with much grayer hair wearing a S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform, and we’ve seen set photos of him and Scott Lang with Captain America in his original costume from The Avengers, presumably in the Battle of New York.

According to what’s being whispered around, the movie is set five years after the events of Infinity War. The Avengers and Scott Lang use some kind of technology that Hank Pym has developed in order to travel back in time in an attempt to defeat Thanos in the past.

If this is true it opens up all sorts of cool Back to the Future style recreations of past MCU events, and would be a MCU adaptation of the Avengers Forever event from 1998 and 1999. In that, a team of various Avengers from different time periods join forces to defeat a great threat. That would also explain the set photos of an older Tony Stark with Ant-Man and the Avengers-era Captain America and Thor.

It’s Tony and Scott’s Excellent Adventure through time.

The comic version of Infinity Gauntlet’s conclusion is difficult to do in the current MCU. It involves Silver Surfer, which Disney doesn’t own, and Adam Warlock who won’t be introduced for quite a while; not to mention the cosmic beings that will throw casual audiences for a loop. So adapting Avengers Forever as a conclusion to the 21-film story works as both a cool comic story to use as well as a nostalgic way to revisit the past ten years of the MCU on the big screen. That’s why this rumor makes a lot of sense and there could be some truth to it.

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