Infinity War Avatar Items Are Currently FREE On Xbox Live

If you play on Xbox and like to dress up your Avatar, there are currently some FREE Infinity War Avatar items you can access. Microsoft is transitioning to a new style of Avatars very soon, but these are still worth grabbing even so. How can you resist having an Infinity Gauntlet for your Xbox Avatar?

The selection is:

  • Captain America Suit
  • Gamora Suit
  • Black Widow Suit
  • Black Panther Suit
  • Star-Lord Suit
  • Iron Man Suit
  • Rocket Companion
  • Groot Companion
  • Hulk Companion
  • Doctor Strange’s Cloak
  • Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet

You can find them on the Xbox Live web store here, or if you are on Windows 10 they’re in the “Xbox Original Avatars” app under the latest releases.

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