X-Men: Dark Phoenix & New Mutants Delayed Until After Disney Will Potentially Own X-Men

This morning Fox delayed X-Men: Dark Phoenix to February (from November) and once again delayed New Mutants; this time to August of 2019. And I’ll be surprised if we see either of them in a theater at this point as 2019 is after the Disney/Fox deal will potentially close. That would mean by the time X-Men: Dark Phoenix‘s release date arrives, the X-Men would be under the control of Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is rumored to feature the Skrulls as the film’s main villains. One month after its release is Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel, which will feature the Marvel Cinematic Universe introduction of the Skrulls. If Kevin Feige has control of the X-Men by then, do you really think he’d put up with an X-Men movie (featuring the Skrulls) releasing in theaters one month before the MCU introduction of the famous aliens? Probably not.

I never wrote anything about what I’ve heard about Dark Phoenix, especially after the Deadpool 2 blow-up, but I’ve actually heard decent things. A source who saw it felt it was about the middle of the road for X-Men movies. Much better than Apocalypse in their opinion, but not quite as great as Days of Future Past. They considered it a “B” from that they saw a little over a month ago.

As for New Mutants, I told you all months ago what the reshoots really were. They want the tone to be closer to It or Stranger Things. But now that the movie is delayed again, which will put it nearly two years after its first trailer in October 2017, I doubt we’ll even see it in theaters by then. They’ll probably put it (and maybe Dark Phoenix) on Hulu.

That would mean that Deadpool 2 would be the final Fox X-Men movie…

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