Why an Upcoming Superhero Movie is Disappointing People

Over the last week I’ve had to watch my name be dragged through the mud because people didn’t like information I relayed from a very reliable source about an upcoming superhero movie. I’ve had the “creator” of the character call me a troll on Twitter (even though he didn’t create the version the character that’s popular now), studio shills (who praise every big movie, including Batman V Superman) with big websites went on video and flat-out lied in order to keep the studio happy in the hopes of hosting a screening of the movie, and I’ve been gagged on other places where I wasn’t allowed to defend myself unless I named my sources to the gatekeepers there.

So I’ve had enough and decided to write this blog post without naming the movie, but to explain why this movie is pissing people off.

While I don’t name the movie here, this post will have MAJOR MAJOR STORY SPOILERS. So if you don’t want to be spoiled for an unnamed movie that’s coming out, stop reading now. Also, I need to add that I did not attend any screening of this movie. This information has been relayed to me via an anonymous source that I trust.

The first thing that happens that really angers people (and pretty much sets the whole thing off on a bad light) takes place in the first ten minutes.

Prior to becoming one of the best comic book writers in the industry, Gail Simone made a name for herself with a now-famous essay based on Green Lantern #54 where Kyle Raynor comes home to find his girlfriend Alex stuffed in the refrigerator for no reason at all.

This became known as the “women in refrigerators” trope, where a female character is killed off for no good reason, and by now it’s considered extremely sexist. In 2018 it’d be shocking if any comic book movie fell in with such a trope, but this movie does right off the bat. The character many people considered the heart of the first movie, and one of its best parts, is killed off in the first ten minutes and only has one scene.

Then there’s really not much of a plot. The story basically surrounds a brat kid who someday will kill someone’s family (and that character is a new introduction in this movie). It’s kind of like the kid in Looper who will grow up to be an evil crime lord. In a movie that’s two hours long, that’s a pretty flimsy plot to stretch things across, especially with the heart of the first movie and the person who drove that plot out of the picture.

Fans of comic books will also be upset at how a long-time fan-favorite (and internet meme) villain is once again treated on the big screen. Oh this time he looks a little closer to his comic book look (thanks to CG), but they make him disposable with a really stupid death. Two characters notice his pants are ripped exposing his crack, so they shove a sparking power cable up his butt and push him into a pool.

Honestly the best parts of the movie are its post-credits scenes, which involve time travel and an infant Hitler being strangled to death.

For fans of the character, that may be enough. For others it’ll probably translate to very muted response…like it’s getting already.

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