There’s a Fake X-Men: Dark Phoenix Plot Spoiler Being Spread Around…

Following the recent delay of X-Men: Dark Phoenix to February of next year, there’s now a bogus plot spoiler being spread around that is fooling a lot of people on Twitter and low-end film sites into believing it’s real.

The movie did recently have a test screening back in February and a source of mine did attend it, so I was able to show them the spoiler being spread to verify if it was real or not. It does get a couple plot points correct, but those have been out there online for a while. Everything else seems to be made up to flesh out small bits they may have heard.

My source has asked me to not share specific plot points, and I agree that after the Deadpool 2 blow-up I won’t do that. But I will say some vague things that plot spoiler got very wrong. They get some of the big spoilers incorrect, naming the wrong characters in events in the movie. They also got a lot of big things incorrect involving the X-Men themselves, and the entire ending of the movie is completely different than how the spoiler describes. They also gave the villains a much bigger role than they have in the real movie. It’s like they heard simple spoilers naming a place and a character, and extrapolated a story around that.

If you want to read the full thing it’s in this Reddit thread here and archived here. Be aware that some of the plot points in that are close to correct, as such they are spoilers, but the overall plot is pretty much fan fiction…

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