Fox is Threatening to Sue Me Over a Deadpool 2 Test Screening I Never Attended

Last night Fox held a test screening for Deadpool 2, but I was not there. Eight weeks out from release is pretty late for doing these sorts of tests, and an anonymous source relayed a reaction to me about the screening that…wasn’t good. So I Tweeted about it.

This morning I wake up to a threat in my contact form from the firm Fox uses for test screening threatening to sue me for violating an agreement I never agreed to nor signed because I was never invited to this test screening and I did not attend it.

As a journalist I was relaying information by an anonymous source, and Fox is resulting to bullying and legal threats to silence critics of an upcoming movie that looks like it may not be as good as the original. Here’s their letter (with all contact information stripped, of course):

And my reply to them was,

“I’m sorry but I did not attend any screening and did not sign any agreement or NDA. As a journalist I am only posting information relayed to me by an anonymous source.”

This isn’t the first time Fox has used these bullying tactics. Back when Fantastic Four (2015) was coming out, they abused the DMCA law to attempt to censor websites critical of the movie prior to its release.

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