Avengers: Infinity War Tickets On Sale Friday!

Here’s something I know you’ve been waiting for.

Earlier today on the Marvel Studios subreddit a user posted a screenshot of an internal memo from a theater’s computer system saying that Infinity War tickets will be on sale Friday. I’ve seen this before, and the memo is from AMC Theaters’ system and that is exactly how they instruct theaters to program showtimes in advance of sales beginning. A similar one was being spread around last year when The Last Jedi tickets went on sale.

Then from a tip I checked Fandango and the Alamo Drafthouse locations in San Antonio, TX already have their showtimes programmed for opening weekend. This confirms that tickets will go on sale this week:

Also the memo says that Disney’s digital marketing campaign will begin on Friday as well. That means we’re likely to see a trailer release much like how the Black Panther trailer came out on a Friday as well.

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