Aquaman – The Trench & The King of Atlantis (Spoilers)

Aquaman Spoiler Policy: Aquaman isn’t out until December and the movie is so good it’ll represent the start of a new era for the DCEU with films such as Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 following. As such the movie doesn’t deserve to be completely spoiled ten months out from release. People should be able enjoy Wan’s underwater epic on the big screen without knowing everything about it prior to release. That’s why this far out I won’t be touching some of the big story reveals in the third act, and may not even do it closer to release.

That said, people have been asking for more details so I will be posting some details about the movie and how it plays out. Please be considerate of people who want to avoid spoilers when sharing this information on social media. Also please be aware that this information comes from an unfinished version of the movie and some of this may not make it into the final film.

NOTE: This update will cover the third act, but deliberately leaves out a HUGE part of that movie in order to preserve the surprise and the ending. This is NOT all that is in the last third of Aquaman. You’ll need to see the movie in December to discover the very cool missing piece.

After Arthur awakes on the boat, he and Mera make their way to the Trench during a thunderstorm at night. The Trench monsters attack the boat (they look just like the comics versions), and they discover they’re sensitive to light so they use that to fight them off. They swim down, their light illuminates whole columns covered with Trench monsters, and they discover a vortex like the one that protects Atlantis but much bigger. As they go through it they’re separated, Mera is knocked out, and some pretty cool things happen that I will not detail here.

As those cool things play out, they learn that the vortex in the Trench is one-way and you can’t leave without the Trident. The good news is, it’s close. It’s guarded by a giant kraken-like creature. I showed my source a picture of Topo from the comics, and they said that’s what it looks like. So it likely is Topo and we’ll call the creature that for the purposes of this.

Topo guards the Trident of Atlan and will only allow the true King of Atlantis to retrieve it. He finds King Atlan’s skeleton in holding the Trident while Topo’s tentacles attack him. Arthur hears a voice in his head about how Topo has guarded the trident for eons against false kings, and no half-breed will claim it. Arthur says he doesn’t want it for himself, he needs it to safe his friends, and if that’s not enough to make him worthy “screw you!” Topo seems shocked that Arthur can hear him, so he lets him take the Trident.

Aquaman returns to Mera with the Trident in hand, and wearing his classic comic book costume (gold tunic, green pants, green gauntlets). He’s now ready to face Orm and reclaim the Throne of Atlantis!

Orm asked Vulko for advice in the coming battle, and confronts him about his betrayal of raising Arthur. Orm tells him he always knew, and Vulko tells him that Arthur is already twice the king Orm is. Orm orders Vulko locked up “somewhere with a view”.

He then goes to the final kingdom of these shelled crab people. They fight off Orm and their king tells him they’ll never bow to him and how, “You had to put your armor on this morning – I WAS BORN IN MINE!” Orm prepares to kill the crap people king when suddenly the ground below them cracks open and Topo bursts out of the ocean floor…ridden by Arthur welding the Trident! Arthur leads the entire sea (including the creatures of the Trench) into battle against Orm as the Trident gives him the power to command the oceans.

Mera tells Arthur to continue to go after Orm, she’ll handle her father. She kisses him and he’s so dazed by it that he has to ask her what the plan is again. She finds Nereus and tells him that Arthur has the Trident. He orders his troops to stand down as Arthur is the true King. Orm really begins to freak out.

He and Arthur end up on the surface fighting on top of an Atlantean sub. Arthur uses the helicopter trident move Vulko taught him to shatter Orm’s trident, and…I’m not telling you any more about that. Explaining how the fight ends involves a spoiler I am not discussing here. You’ll need to see the movie in December.

I will say, Orm is not killed. DC doesn’t seem to want to throw away their villains anymore, likely to save them for a potential Legion of Doom.

In the end Vulko is freed by Mera and he orders Orm locked up “somewhere with a view”, as Arthur declares himself king and raises the Trident, “This is gonna be so much fun!”

The movie then has a very sweet ending with more voice over from Arthur (like at the beginning), but you’ll need to see it in December to see what I’m talking about…

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