Aquaman – Manta Strikes (Spoilers)

Aquaman Spoiler Policy: Aquaman isn’t out until December and the movie is so good it’ll represent the start of a new era for the DCEU with films such as Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 following. As such the movie doesn’t deserve to be completely spoiled ten months out from release. People should be able enjoy Wan’s underwater epic on the big screen without knowing everything about it prior to release. That’s why this far out I won’t be touching some of the big story reveals in the third act, and may not even do it closer to release.

That said, people have been asking for more details so I will be posting some details about the movie and how it plays out. Please be considerate of people who want to avoid spoilers when sharing this information on social media. Also please be aware that this information comes from an unfinished version of the movie and some of this may not make it into the final film.

After Arthur and Mera find out they need to head to Italy, Orm decides the two need to be killed. Mera’s father Nereus wants her brought back to him and Orm agrees. He goes and finds Manta, and gives him elite Atlanean armor only the best warriors get to use. He also gives him a prototype gun that charges with water, and at full charge it can level a skyscraper. Manta loves it, “That’s one hell of a supersoaker!” He paints his armor black and routes the gun through tubes that go through his comic-accurate helmet.

Arthur and Mera have more bonding time in Italy. She thinks a rose is food and eats it, to not make her feel bad Arthur eats one too. Mera finds a little girl tossing coins into a fountain and uses her power to make a water castle, and the girl loves it. She gives Mera a copy of the Pinocchio book, and she gets mad at Arthur for using a children’s book to save them (the whale part). He says he took it from the movie and didn’t even know there was a book.

Mera finds the spot their previous clue pointed them to, and use the coordinates to find two statues that inform them that in order to find the Trident…they’re going to need to go into The Trench.

Meanwhile underwater Orm, Nereus, and Vulko treat with the king of the “Fisherpeople”. He wants nothing of Orm’s plan. He feels that if they reveal themselves to the surface, it should be as teachers. Orm kills him and turns to the princess and orders her to prepare for battle.

Back in Italy, Manta strikes. This is a huge fight and chase scene. He brings soldiers along with him and one chases Mera as she runs along rooftops as he plows through the building below, keeping pace. Eventually Mera gets to a winery and uses her powers to make sharp blades out of the wine to take out the soldiers. Manta and Arthur fight. Manta hates Arthur for not saving his father, and stabs him with his grandfather’s knife. Arthur uses a ball and chain weapon to shatter Manta’s helm and send him over a cliff into the water below. It’s clear that Manta was not killed.

Arthur passes out from the knife wound as Mera finds him. Later he wakes up in a boat she stole and regrets not saving Manta’s father.

In the next update we’ll head into the Trench…

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