Aquaman – Journey to Atlantis (Spoilers)

Aquaman Spoiler Policy: Aquaman isn’t out until December and the movie is so good it’ll represent the start of a new era for the DCEU with films such as Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 following. As such the movie doesn’t deserve to be completely spoiled ten months out from release. People should be able enjoy Wan’s underwater epic on the big screen without knowing everything about it prior to release. That’s why this far out I won’t be touching some of the big story reveals in the third act, and may not even do it closer to release.

That said, people have been asking for more details and while I won’t do an entire plot summary just yet, but I will be posting some details about the movie and how it plays out. Please be considerate of people who want to avoid spoilers when sharing this information on social media. Also please be aware that this information comes from an unfinished version of the movie and some of this may not make it into the final film.

Today is about what’s going on in Atlantis and how Orm and Vulko fit into things.

Following the opening of the movie, things shift to Atlantis where Orm is currently King. Nereus and Vulko are meeting with him about declaring war on the surface. Orm needs at least four of the seven kingdoms to do this, and Nereus is the King of one of them. Vulko doesn’t think war is a good idea, and Nereus is on the fence. A attack submarine attacks the meeting and launches a torpedo at them. Orm easily takes out the sub and points out that the war is already there. That attack is what won over Nereus.

Back on the surface is Mera’s first scene, which I briefly talked about last time. It’s at night outside the bar and she comes to try to convince Arthur to return to Atlantis to stop Orm (who she’s promised to wed). Arthur isn’t interested at all, makes a face at her, and drives off. Meanwhile Orm’s soldiers are meeting with Manta on the surface and pay him for setting up the submarine attack that won Nereus over to their side. Orm is orchestrating his war.

As Arthur drives with his dad in their truck, it’s hit by a huge tidal wave. This is where Mera shows up and uses her powers to create an air bubble to save Thomas’ life. That’s when Arthur starts to warm to her and realizes he doesn’t even know her name. There’s a news broadcast where people speculate about if Atlantis is real, as that tidal wave was caused by Orm in his launching of war against the surface. Arthur agrees to go back to Atlantis with Mera.

She has a sub (kind of like the “Bongo” in Star Wars Episode I) as they need it to pass through a vortex that protects Atlantis. This is important as later in the movie a different type of vortex will be encountered that protects one of the big plot elements (that I will not be discussing this far out from release). They pass through the vortex to Atlantis, which looks a lot like Ivalice from Final Fantasy XII crossed with futuristic designs from the Star Wars Prequels.

It’s in Atlantis where Arthur is reunited with his mentor, Vulko. There are flashbacks in the film of Vulko teaching Arthur how to swim, and how to fight with his trident. He teaches Arthur a move where he spins the trident over the head, telling him it’s something he’ll be able to do once he masters the weapon. It’s Vulko who reveals that Queen Atlanna was sacrificed to the creatures of The Trench, and it’s Vulko who tells Arthur what his quest will need to be in order to defeat Orm and prevent war against the surface.

What is that quest? Well, that’s for a future update…

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