Aquaman – All About Mera (Spoilers)

In my last post about Aquaman where I detailed how the movie opens, I said we’d head to Atlantis next…but that will wait just a little longer as I want to answer all the questions I’ve been flooded with about Mera.

Aquaman is set after the events of Justice League, and at the start of the film Arthur and Mera aren’t yet the couple people expect them to be. In fact, Arthur doesn’t even know her name yet. When we are first introduced to Mera in the movie (that photo of her at night is from her first scene) she’s promised in marriage to Orm and wants Arthur to come back to Atlantis with her. She tells him that since he helped defeat Steppenwolf she assumes that he’d want to help take care of Orm as she doesn’t agree with his ideals and what he’s planning to do.

I’ll discus the adventure that she and Arthur go on in a later post, but through the course of the movie the two leave the sea and go on a quest very much like Indiana Jones. Actually, Romancing the Stone could be a better comparison as there is a lot of bonding between Arthur and Mera so by the time we get to the end of the movie they’re the couple that everyone expects to see. There’s a moment very late in the movie where Mera explains the plan to Arthur (he’ll handle Orm, she’ll talk to her father about what’s going on), and they kiss. Arthur is so dazed by it he asks what the plan is again.

Mera does use her powers a couple times in the movie. They don’t need the air bubbles like in Justice League to talk, but she does create one of those early in the movie to save another character from drowning from a tidal wave (more on this in the future, too), and then she uses it again during their Indiana Jones quest to solve a puzzle they face while searching for an Atlantean relic.

Fans of the Queen of Atlantis will be very happy with the Aquaman movie, as she’s in it so much she’s pretty much a co-lead. She’s very much the Marion to Arthur’s Indy in this movie.

I’ll post more on Aquaman in the future, and yes I will be talking about Atlantis and how Orm and Vulko fit into it all.

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