An Upcoming Superhero Movie IS Still Doing Reshoots in Vancouver

Over the last two weeks people have attacked me for pointing out that an upcoming superhero movie is undergoing reshoots very close to its mid-May release date, likely due to issues that could’ve popped up during audience tests.

Now there’s more evidence that this movie is going through reshoots in Vancouver, and is currently filming there as recently as this past weekend.

Today a Twitter user replied to Gail Simone stating that they were walking past the trailers for the shooting of an upcoming superhero movie in Vancouver last night, proving that reshoots are underway for a movie less than eight weeks before release:

I’m sure studio shills will spin this to look positive in the hopes of their site being able to host an IMAX screening and Q&A with the director, meanwhile others will be questioning the real reason a movie that’s less than two months from release is actively filming more footage after it supposedly scored so high in test screenings (according to studio shills, of course)…

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