The Black Panther Post-Credits Scenes (SPOILERS)

We’re only a week away from the release of Black Panther, and there are already a lot of bogus descriptions of post-credit scenes flying around. There’s a lot of noise out there from hoaxers on Reddit and other sites, and while some of them are pretty impressive (such as a nine-scene Captain Marvel reveal), there isn’t really anything out there with the truth.

Like most Marvel movies that aren’t Guardians, Black Panther only has two post-credits scenes. As is tradition there’s one after the initial flashy cast and crew credits, and then another at the very end. Neither are huge setups like Thanos showing up and grabbing the Soul Stone or anything like that. One continues a story thread of T’Challa’s arc and the other does lead right into Infinity War in a small way.

The first one you’ll see has T’Challa going to the UN and talking about the truth of what Wakanda is.

After the full credits roll, the second scene features Bucky waking up from Cryo-sleep. Shuri is there and talks to Bucky before he looks outside to the horizon and the fields that are shown in the Infinity War trailer.

At the end, the text says BLACK PANTHER Will Return in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.

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