Spoiler-Free Aquaman Impressions

By now most people on the internet are aware that there was an Aquaman test screening yesterday as many other sites are posting how people found it to be pretty good and surprisingly emotional.

I did not attend this test screening, but a source I trust did and I’ve spent the last twelve hours or so picking their brain about the movie. While I could spoil the whole thing, I wouldn’t do that. It’s ten months away and James Wan deserves this movie to make Black Panther money, it’s that cool. So I wouldn’t spoil it like that to step on his toes.

But I will share with you some non-spoiler impressions I’ve heard and a very generic idea of what it’s about.

When DC Comics relaunched their line in 2011 with the New 52 one of the most memorable runs during that time was Geoff Johns’ Aquaman. It made Arthur a badass, and introduced cool villains such as The Trench and the Throne of Atlantis story line. December’s Aquaman movie is heavily inspired by Johns’ New 52 and contains elements from the Trench and Throne of Atlantis. So if you are familiar with the Throne of Atlantis story, you will have a good idea of what the plot is about.

So that’s basically what Aquaman is. Arthur and Mera must stop his half brother from doing something terrible and they go on a cool Indiana Jones style quest to get what they need (and it’s steeped in the ancient history of Atlantis). DC knows there are a lot of Mera fans, and she’s in the movie a lot almost always at Arthur’s side. Black Manta does appear and his costume and origin are comic-accurate, and some of the leaked stuff recently showing a familiar costume for Arthur was accurate as well. Orm was described to me as similar in motivation and methods to Loki in the MCU movies, which is a great sign as Loki is one of Marvel’s stronger villains in their films.

Behind it all is a very sweet and emotional love story between Arthur’s parents Atlanna and Thomas Curry. James Wan knows how to make fanboys cry, as seen in Furious 7 and the Paul Walker ending, and if they keep Aquaman structured the way it was in this screening people will be very happy with it and want to see more adventures of Arthur Curry. It seems like it’s much more similar in structure and tone to Wonder Woman than Justice League.

The next ten months are going to be hard to sit through as it sounds like James Wan has built on the awesome Aquaman foundation Geoff Johns did with the New 52 to make a movie that’ll finally shut up all those internet memes about the King of Atlantis.

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