Rumor: A Previously Denied Character Does Appear in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

In addition to the news about the Skrulls from yesterday I do have one other piece of information about X-Men: Dark Phoenix from the same source.

For a long time it was rumored that Jessica Chastain’s character was Lilandra from the comic, and that actually sparked an official denial from her that she wasn’t playing Lilandra. However, that may have changed between that comment and the filming of the movie.

Based on the version of X-Men: Dark Phoenix that was shown to an audience in early February, her character is named Lilandra. However, there is a strong possibility that she is not a Shi’ar as in the comics. When I asked the source who she was playing, they said this:

“She is Lilandra and she has BLONDE hair in human form

Notice the “in human form”? Previously it was said she was a character named “Agent Smith” and she was a shape shifting alien. Right now it really sounds like that Lilandra is now a Skrull and the blonde haired Agent Smith is her human form.

Why the official denial earlier? Well after some digging with another separate source, it sounds like there may have multiple different versions of the script prior to filming and at that time she wasn’t Lilandra. Another possibility is that this is a red herring for the test audience and the name will be changed via ADR prior to release.

Hopefully we’ll get more hints with the first trailer, which may arrive as soon as Deadpool 2 in May.

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