Confirmed: Dark Phoenix Will Introduce Famous Marvel Villains Before Captain Marvel Does

Aquaman is getting all of the attention lately from the test screening that happened yesterday, but I have some news about an upcoming Marvel movie that confirms a huge rumor that’s been floating around about it.

For a long time it’s been rumored that Fox will beat Marvel to the screen with the shape-shifting aliens the Skrulls, and today I received confirmation from a long-time source that they are indeed in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. This may remind comic fans of how Fox quickly replaced Juggernaut in Days of Future Past with Quicksilver to beat Marvel to the screen with that character as well.

As for the movie itself, my source says they thought it was better than Apocalypse but not as good as Days of Future Past. At this point they felt it was similar in issues to First Class. It’s also very serious with very little humor, but they said that Kinberg did a good job with it.

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