When You Will See the First ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer

Over the last couple of weeks the Internet has gone into trailer Nostradamus mode trying to predict when the first teaser for Solo: A Star Wars Story will be released. While some thought we’d see it at the release of The Last Jedi, others have come up with completely bogus predictions of during a college football game, one of the NFL Wild Card games, or even Good Morning America. Since you’re not watching the trailer right now, all of those predictions are wrong.

The latest wrong prediction is being spread by British tabloids claiming it’ll be on Good Morning America today. Obviously it wasn’t. So people are now adjusting their predictions to claim it’ll be on GMA this Thursday. Or this Friday. Both of those are wrong, as is the prediction of Lucasfilm using GMA to premiere it like they did Rogue One.

This year Solo is starting its promotion at a time when there are bigger outlets than GMA to release it on. Rogue One’s first trailer was in April, and there was no Star Wars Celebration that year until July. In the first two months of the year, there are much bigger places to premiere the first teaser for Solo. And I’ve been able to confirm this morning that it won’t be showing up on Good Morning America this year.

While I can’t tell you the exact place to watch it just yet, I can tell you what day of the week it’ll be on.

The Solo: A Star Wars trailer is going to debut on a Sunday. You can figure out the rest, most likely…

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