Possible Hint at the Solo Teaser Date

Over the last couple of days more and more predictions as to when the Solo: A Star Wars Story teaser would hit have been spread around. And all of them (January 24th, 26th, and February 8th) are likely wrong. I heard last Monday that it would show up during football, but not specifically what game it was. Tonight a big clue has popped up to hint that it will indeed be arriving on the biggest football Sunday.

A user on the StarWarsLeaks subreddit found an officially licensed Super Bowl LII pin that features R2D2 on it, and had this to say about it:

“This was being sold at the official Super Bowl store at Mall of America. It was the only thing incorporating the ip of another entity.”

The comment about it being the only thing that incorporates a license other than the NFL is a big flag there. If Disney ends up being one of the key sponsors of the big game in two weeks, it’s very plausible that the NFL would capitalize on that with licensed merchandise like the pin above.

But don’t expect to see the full teaser during the big game. With thirty second spots going for $5 million each, it’s way too expensive to run a full trailer. What’s likely to happen is similar to what went on with Pirates 5 last year. They’ll buy a thirty second spot for the movie during the game and then post the full teaser online after that. It gives them double the marketing exposure, both during the game and then the “extended version” later.

So right now if I were betting on a day that the teaser will arrive, it’d be Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the day that makes the most sense and it fits with what I heard about the teaser arriving during football…

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