That Leaked Solo Art is Real and Official

Earlier today some artwork from Solo: A Star Wars story leaked online. I won’t host it here because I don’t want to deal with a takedown like JediNews got, but you can still see it hosted on Reddit’s leaks sub here (a different image looks to have been removed already). You can also find the original PDF on this Russia licensing site along with a whole bunch of other Disney art I’m sure is also fake.

Not long after that leak, Disney’s PR went into overdrive during their holiday break telling film bloggers that it was a fake image, leading to these Tweets that definitely won’t age well:

The problem is, the image was real. And it is official. It’s using actual assets from the movie. That’s what Han, Lando, Chewie, Kura, and the Falcon look like in May’s movie. You’ll see the same character artwork being used on those cheap posters you can buy at Target, toys, TOPPS cards, $7 T-Shirts at Walmart, and calendars.

Oh, speaking of calendars Disney’s claim that the artwork isn’t official or in other words “fake” has been exposed as a flat-out lie. The image is being used on the official company calendar for the Walt Disney Company CIS LLC in Russia. That is the official international subsidiary of Disney headquartered in Moscow.

So basically all the bloggers who were parroting the PR spiel that it wasn’t official or fake just ended up with egg on their face.

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