Small Update About the Future of the DCEU

As Justice League heads into its second weekend and received a nice boost to its box office that debunked all the YouTube hyperbole predicting a BvS sized drop, I’ve heard a small but reliable piece of news about the future of DC movies.

According to the source, nothing is changing in terms of the announced DCEU lineup. So all of those people claiming otherwise for clicks and YouTube views are lying to you. WB was obviously disappointed in the opening weekend, but based on the trajectory now as well as future home video sales and licensing they believe it’ll at least break even if not more. That also means those people claiming a $50-100m loss for WB were…wrong. Shocking how all the reactionary hyperbole last weekend is turning out to be bogus, huh?

There is one change coming to the future of the DCEU post-Justice League and that is that apparently WB will be looking at younger directors going forward and match them up with the various’ characters solo films a little better. I don’t think that will result in any announced director changes, but for movies such as Flashpoint where there’s not a director signed it could mean we’ll see someone we haven’t heard connected to it.

It’s not Earth-shattering news, especially to people with their head screwed on correctly, but it was nice to hear confirmation of it this morning from someone who would know very well what WB is planning post-Justice League.

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