Now I’m Getting Death Threats for Saying There Isn’t a Justice League Snyder Cut

Here’s familiar territory for a DCEU movie. Last month I found out that Justice League would be only two hours long. Not long after that, I got death threats from psychopaths who wouldn’t believe it. Then I got death threats because Warner Brothers didn’t lift the embargo when people wanted it to.

This morning, I received another death threat for daring to say that there isn’t a finished “Snyder Cut” of the movie:


Here’s the truth, whether you want to accept it or not.

Zack Snyder left Justice League in March of 2016. At that time the only “cut” that existed was what is called an “assembly cut”. This is just a rough assembly of scenes, basically dailies, spliced together to give the most rough semblance of the movie. It’s in no way finished and is something that would cost Warner Brothers $70-100 million to complete. That’s not in the realm of reality.

The two people named in the death threat above are Twitter accounts who are going around claiming to be personal friends with Zack Snyder to spread their lie, and one of them is using their lie to sic their followers on Geoff Johns to harass him in the hopes of releasing the imaginary “Snyder Cut”.

The DC fandom has a cancer in it, and it’s attention whore accounts that would rather flush their credibility down the toilet to make people believe they are close personal friends with Zack Snyder than to actually tell people the truth.

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