If Battlefront II’s Campaign is Another Canon Red Herring, Fans Deserve to be Angry (Spoilers)

I’m just going to say right now that this post will contain spoilers for Battlefront II’s campaign, so if you haven’t finished it yet stop reading right now.

When Lucasfilm did the “canon reset” for Star Wars, one of the advantages they cited was that the books, comics, games, and movies would all exist in one shared canon universe. So things that happened in one medium could be reflected in the other. This is really something no one has ever attempted before, and it’s pretty ambitious. But as the last couple of years have shown, it may be too ambitious to adhere to even for a company as big as Disney.

Flashback to the second Aftermath novel, Life Debt, where fans were really led along to believe that Gallius Rax could become Supreme Leader Snoke. Life Debt laid out all the clues, only to reveal that fans have been fooled by a misdirection in Empire’s End and Rax is really no one.

It’s at that point where I basically gave up on the Star Wars novels. I still read the comics, and play the games…for now. How Lucasfilm decides to play out what Battlefront II is apparently setting up will determine if I continue on those others mediums.

The Battlefront II campaign tells the story of an Imperial special forces squad after the Battle of Endor. At least for the first three and a half levels it does. At one point they realize how evil the Empire is and two of them (Iden Versio and Del Meeko) defect to the Rebellion.

From there the game actually interacts really cool with the rest of the expanded universe. Life Debt is directly led into with a Han Solo mission, and the Naboo part of Shattered Empire is shown in the Leia mission. Everything leads up to the Battle of Jakku (which was my favorite story transition in the game where you go from Bespin directly to the battle).

At the end of Jakku you see that Iden and Del end up together. These are two characters with dark hair and dark eyes, one had an encounter with Luke and started believing in the Force, and the story flash forwards thirty years later to the time of TFA.

We find out that at some point between Jakku and TFA these two characters (again who have dark hair and dark eyes) ended up having an unnamed daughter, and of course everyone thinks it’s…

Now some people are claiming that Rey can’t be their daughter as the timeline doesn’t line up, but the game does not tell us when they had their daughter. The only thing we know is that she was born some time between Jakku and TFA, and based on Rey’s age in TFA that fits.

At the end of the campaign we don’t know who the daughter is, where she is, or even where Iden is. It ends on a cliffhanger. We know what happens to Del, who joined the Church of the Force and ended up leading Kylo to start tracking down Lor San Tekka, but we don’t know anything about this mysterious daughter other than if Iden and Del had a daughter…she’d likely look a lot like Rey.

Again, this wouldn’t be the first time that the Lucasfilm Story Group led fans on a big red herring, Gallius Rax in Life Debt was a pretty nasty misdirection with the hints they dropped in that book.

Rey’s parentage is easily the biggest question fans have about the Sequel Trilogy, and if they intentionally set this up in Battlefront II only for it to be a huge nothing like in Empire’s End, then it’d be enough for a lot of fans to swear off anything canon related to the expanded universe. It’d also be enough for Lucasfilm to seriously re-examine the type of things they’d do in non-movie material going forward as stringing fans along with misdirections and red herrings is a mean thing to do.

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