Sony Screws Over PSVR Owners

If you paid $500 for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset like me, and you own a 4K TV, you probably know that the Processor Box for the VR headset isn’t compatible with HDR pass-through. That means if you want to use HDR content on your PS4 Pro, you have to unhook the PSVR every time you want to play a normal game and connect the system directly to the TV. It’s a huge inconvenience that Sony should’ve fixed for the people who gave them $500, but now they decided to screw everyone over.

Sony announced a new version of the PSVR Headset that allows stereo headphones to plug directly into the headset (solving a cabling annoyance), and as part of the new release they have finally fixed the HDR passthrough on the Processor Box. This is great you might think, those who have the broken Processor Box from the original PSVR can finally get a replacement.

Not so fast. Sony has decided to make the new Processor Box incompatible with the current PSVR, which means you’re stuck with a broken device and no fix:

If I already own a PS VR, can I swap out my old Processor Unit with the updated one?
Because the cables of CUH-ZVR1 and CUH-ZVR2 are different, you cannot swap the Processor Units.

Before you rush to White Knight and defend Sony and claim this is just a peril of early adoption, this has absolutely nothing in common with a new console or iPhone. The original Processor Box was essentially broken due to a hardware oversight. This is like Microsoft releasing consoles they knew would eventually red-ring, but not offering any sort of repair or replacement. Sony’s solution for their broken Processor Box is to have people buy a new $500 headset.

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