Harassment & Death Threats From DC Fans Upset Over Justice League’s Runtime

On Thursday I found out that Justice League tickets would be going on sale this coming week and that theaters were given a runtime of 121 minutes. Yesterday I had two more sources confirm it to me, and I even today checked with AMC’s customer support and they confirmed it’s in ComScore Rentrak as the OFFICIAL runtime from Warner Brothers.

But since DC fandom is so toxic, I’ve been bombarded with harassment and death threats ever since I said their superhero movie was only two hours long. This is the reaction DC fans are giving over the RUNTIME of a movie coming out. Threatening to kill me just because I relayed the news of how long the movie runs:

And people wonder why bloggers instantly block DC fans on Twitter.

Thankfully my contact form captures IP addresses. I’ve opened a report with the local FBI field office, so if you’re the person who sent these harassing emails please be aware that federal authorities are now involved. Have a nice day!

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