UPDATE! Thanks to the Reddit AMC Leak, The Last Jedi Ticket Sales MAY be Delayed


Received more information about what happened yesterday, and it looks like it’s still 95% sure that tickets WILL go on sale as planned, but here’s what I know now.

After Reddit pulled down the image of the AMC computers there was an internal memo sent out about the leak. As standard procedure, they explained how bad leaking stuff to Reddit is, etc. The big thing was that they were ordered to remove any posted information about The Last Jedi ticketing. They’re also trying to find who posted the image to Reddit.

That’s where the belief that ticketing was delayed comes from. After learning this, I think it’s a safe bet to camp your computer for tickets on Monday.

On Thursday a Reddit user leaked a photo of confidential information from AMC’s computer system that confirmed The Last Jedi tickets would go on sale Monday. That picture was quickly pulled off Reddit via copyright claims, but now that leak may have spoiled everyone’s fun as there’s a slight chance it’ll prevent theaters from going ahead and selling tickets as planned on Monday.

The same source that confirmed to me on Tuesday that tickets would indeed be sold this coming Monday got back to me early this morning and apparently Disney is extremely upset over someone on Reddit leaking classified information for everyone to see. They’re so mad, they may stop tickets from going on sale:

“Theater chains have all been contacted by Disney and Disney is angry as classified info should not have been leaked. They will have more info by tomorrow or Sunday whether they can proceed with sales…They had to remove all showtimes from the system apparently so that there are no further leaks.”

Even worse, one AMC theater in Cleveland, Ohio has already sold tickets to people who asked in person. And the photos of those physical tickets were even removed from Reddit.

I hope this doesn’t happen, but this is why you don’t post pictures of confidential information on the internet. A big company like Disney isn’t something to mess with, and them doing something like this isn’t to punish fans; it’s more about punishing the theater chain for allowing their confidential information to leak onto the internet.

Hopefully we’ll know something concrete before Monday if tickets will end up going on sale or not. If they don’t, that guy in Ohio who bought four is very lucky!

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