The Trailer For The Last Jedi is Likely to Arrive Around October 16th, 2017

With Force Friday II now in the past, some Star Wars fans are upset that they didn’t get a new trailer for The Last Jedi with the new toys. Despite the initial belief that they would be copying the Rogue One schedule, it now looks like we’ll be waiting for October as they are going along with the schedule The Force Awakens followed:

April: Teaser
May: Vanity Fair Cover
July: Behind the Scenes
August: Entertainment Weekly Cover
October: Final poster, trailer, and ticket sales.

NOTE: Lucasfilm doesn’t count the 2014 announcement teaser for TFA in this schedule. That was a special thing done outside the normal marketing schedule.

The final trailer for The Force Awakens arrived on October 19, 2015 during a Monday Night Football game on Disney-owned ESPN. It’s now looking very likely that history will repeat itself this October.

Monday, October 16th, is another Monday Night Football game. It’s not the greatest match-up for ratings (Colts vs. Titans), but Lucasfilm has something else planned for that night.

Just today they revealed that Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels will also premiere on Monday, October 16th. Why is this a big deal? For the last year Star Wars Rebels aired on Saturday, and right now there’s been no official mention of the series moving to Monday nights on Disney XD.

The most logical explanation for a Monday night premiere on October 16th is that Lucasfilm plans a massive marketing push for The Last Jedi that night. They’ll premiere the trailer across all Disney-owned networks. GMA will likely tease it that morning and get people hyped and then they’ll show the trailer during Monday Night Football and the Season 4 premiere of Star Wars Rebels all while Fandango crashes under the load of people trying to buy advanced tickets.

I’m not making a concrete prediction that October 16th is the date, but right now that’s the most realistic and likely day we’re going to see the final trailer for The Last Jedi

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