Battlefront II’s ‘Clone Officer’ Is For Prequel Maps, Not the Empire

This weekend EA Star Wars sent out a Tweet that included an image that caused people to speculate that the Empire was still using Clones as officers. The Tweet was to reveal the Officer class in the game, and it included an image of a Battle Droid Officer and a Clone Officer:

If people went to the official Battlefront II website for the Officer class, they’d see a picture of what the Imperial officer looks like in the game, and he’s not a clone:

As the game has maps across all eras of Star Wars, the classes change appearance based on what map you’re playing. If you’re the Republic on a Prequel era map, then your Officer class will look like the clone. If you’re the Empire on a Galactic Civil War map, then it’ll look like the guy above. We haven’t yet seen the First Order officer, but it’s likely the same uniform as above only black instead of gray.

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