Thanos’ Black Order Arrive in the MCU With Infinity War

Created by Hickman during his absolutely epic run on Avengers (and starring in the Infinity event), Thanos’ Black Order is making the jump to the MCU faster than almost any other comic character has.

Marvel revealed statues of the four at D23 Expo this weekend, and the designs are comic perfect. All have their correct names, although Black Dwarf has been renamed Cull Obsidian, and I can understand that change. Some people are really dumb and won’t bother to realize he’s named after a type of Black Hole (the whole team is) so there is bound to be someone who gets really offended at the name.

I took pics of each statue, and these have only been resized down due to being on a website. I’ll try to find a way to post the full 24MP pictures later, but here is the Black Order from D23 Expo, and yes that is what Thanos was wearing in the Infinity War footage (although with the Gauntlet):

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