My Tentative D23 Expo 2017 Schedule

It’s almost always futile to try to put together a schedule for a big convention (especially SDCC), but with how well Disney runs D23 Expo and the lines you can actually do that especially if you’ve been to the convention before. I’ve been to every D23 Expo, and Disney improves on their line handling every year, so this is basically what I have planned for the weekend:

Disney Legends Ceremony & Animation and Pixar presentation.

It IS possible to do both of those. I’ve done it every year. Once the Legends ceremony ends you run right over to get in line for the Animation presentation. You don’t get seats near the front, we were in the back last year, but you’re still able to get in line for Hall D23.

Live Action presentation & Parks panel

Same thing as Friday. Camp out over night for the first panel of the day, and then immediately run over to get in line for the next one.

This is the day I’ll hit the floor to check out the exhibits and then go to the Legends of Imagineering panel at 6:00.

The big Hall D23 presentations for Animation and Live Action don’t allow any sort of recording devices inside. Phones are sealed in thick static bags and all bags and cameras are confiscated. The Legends ceremony and other panels do allow cameras and such inside so I’ll be able to take pictures there, and I plan to take quite a lot.

SDCC next week is a little more open for me as the only thing I’m 100% planning to do is Hall H all day on Saturday.

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