SDCC 2017: Nearing the Half-Way Point

I am writing this from the Hall H line at around 3:00pm. So we still have about five and a half hours until wristbands are handed out for Saturday’s panels and even longer than that until they get to our section of the line.

So far I’ve had a good SDCC. The highlight so far was the Walter & Louise Simonson panel yesterday, which should’ve been three hours long. So many great answers to fan questions and some cool stories about great Marvel storylines.

A close runner up to that would be the Classic Doctor Who panel with Peter Davidson and Colin Baker. I didn’t know about the BBC/ITV streaming service Britbox, but that panel made me sign up for a trial for the Classic Doctor Who they have on it.

The con itself is pretty packed this year and it keeps getting worse every year. The Hall H line is even worse than it was last year where my group was put into group B and this year it looks like we’ll lucky to get into group C.

Trying to conserve battery as much as possible before tomorrow but I plan to Tweet live from Hall H as much as I can. I have a 15,000 mAh battery for my phone and it should only be halfway done by the time I go back to the hotel in about 12 hours, and I’ll get it a little more charge then before coming back to the line.

In other news it looks like Furious Fanboys is down. I’ve emailed them about it, but haven’t heard any news yet. This is the worst time for the site to go down, and I think this final downtime may be its death.

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