The Difference Between D23 Expo And Other Conventions

D23 Expo kicks off this week and I’ll be headed over there Thursday night to camp out for the Legends Ceremony on Friday morning, but there’s one thing people don’t quite understand about what D23 Expo is. While lots of film bloggers are overhyping their readers with promises of what Marvel may show at SDCC, they fail to realize that on D23 Expo years they traditionally save their best stuff for that convention.

Disney only holds D23 Expo every two years and it’s basically their version of Comic Con or Star Wars Celebration, but for Disney fans. And that’s where it gets a bit different. Anyone who has an AP at Disneyland can tell you of the “Passhole” phenomenon of overly entitled Disney fans who believe they deserve the world on a silver platter, and at D23 Expo that is amplified. There are “Sorcerer” packages that cost into the thousands of dollars, and on top of that these people spend about $100 a year for their annual D23 Fan Club membership card.

Update: I’m not meaning to point fingers at the Sorcerers. I was using them to illustrate that people do pay a lot of money to be at D23 and Disney treats them the way they should be. Disney runs D23 better than ANY other convention, because they realize that people pay good money to be there and they’ll hear about it if they’re not treated right.

That’s why what Disney shows at D23 Expo remains exclusive. If anything wasn’t exclusive just for those people who spend a lot of money with Disney, they’d riot and scream at Disney for not treating them like special snowflakes. That’s one of the reasons why they seal phones in static bags before the big presentations and confiscate all cameras. Nothing from D23 Expo ever leaks. In 2015 they showed the first footage from Civil War, and that did leak online, but the leak didn’t come from the Expo floor. It was from some other source months after the convention.

Having said that, if anything were to be released online officially from the 2017 convention; it’ll be the Behind the Scenes sizzle reel for The Last Jedi. None of the Marvel stuff will likely make it online.

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