Current Status of Furious Fanboys

Update: 8/2 7:45pm

At this point the site has been down for two weeks and there’s no communication at all from the owners and it appears as if it was intentionally shut down without notice. Can’t say that for sure, but everything is pointing to that conclusion. If so, RIP Furious Fanboys.

Update: 7/30 7:00am

After sending that email below I was on a very uncomfortable phone call (unrelated to that email, it was drama I wasn’t part of), but then I got an email within an hour explaining that someone else is going to be taking over hosting for the site and their tech guy basically dropped the ball in the middle of the transition. That’s why the site’s been down for ten days now.

Even if they ever get the site back up and running I don’t believe it can ever recover from this, and I’ve told them that multiple times. At this point I’m pretty apathetic about the whole situation as it’s been ten days and no progress yet.

Update: 7/28 8:30am

This may be the final update on the status of Furious Fanboys. I emailed my contact at the investment firm that owns the site once again yesterday afternoon and have heard no response as to how they’ll fix it. So this morning I have sent them the following email:

“It’s now the eighth day that the site is offline, and I’ve not yet heard a realistic solution to give confidence that you guys know how to fix it or even intend to. Furious Fanboys was a labor of love for nearly nine years. That’s why when I ceased being paid for it back in February I still tried to keep the site going and push whatever traffic to it I could.

If there was a intention to let it go and shut it down, it would’ve been nice to be informed of that so the eight years of content could’ve at least been archived and not lost like a fart in the wind. The loss of all that content forever is the most heartbreaking part of this. It’s happened before on the site, where two years were lost, but they were at least able to restore a backup with some content from 2011 and back. But now it’s all gone.

If I don’t hear an update by end of day today, then I’ll assume that the site is officially dead and offline, and I’ll be moving on.”

I will keep everyone updated with what happens.

Update: 7/27 Still no word as the site enters its seventh day online.

Update: 7:45am 7/26

As we enter the sixth day of Furious Fanboys being down I’ve decided to explain more about the last update in detail. It’s really not good right now.

Basically the site is down and all they really need to try with the host is to roll back to a backup of last Wednesday. But that’s not what they’re trying. They decided to set up a new Furious Fanboys blog on I’m not kidding you. Seven years of content on a database on a crashed site and they decide to do a “WordPress reset” by setting up a freebie blog on

Obviously I expressed how that won’t work to fix the issue and let them know that I’m not interested in starting over from scratch and letting all of that content just vanish. So that’s where we are at this point. I hope to have some news later today and I hope they realize they need to fix the site and not just start a new blog.

Update: 1:30pm 7/25

I’ve heard an update, and it’s scary. Not going to post the details here, but right now it’s not looking good for the site. Hopefully the email I sent off will light a fire under them to fix this.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what’s going on with Furious Fanboys, so here’s the latest I know as of 7:45am on 7/25.

On Thursday, the first day of San Diego Comic Con, Furious Fanboys went down with the host not responding. I immediately fired off an email to my contact at the company that now owns the site, and that evening he said he’d let the server guys know about it and get back to me ASAP.

I didn’t hear anything all weekend. On Sunday Stephanie, who does all of the great CW articles on the site, wanted to post an article about coping with not being at SDCC and couldn’t; so she contacted me. I explained all that I knew and copied my contact at the company again for as a reminder.

Yesterday Jason, who founded the site, emailed me and copied the CEO when he saw all of the Google errors, and I gave him the rundown of what I knew. Not long after that I finally received an update asking for some information as they were working on a fix that didn’t quite make much sense (as in theory they could just restore a backup of Wednesday’s snapshot as long as they had it).

So that’s where we are now. I’ll keep this post updated as I learn more information. Updates will be posted above.

Jeremy has been active on the web since the 90s. He’s written for sites such as IGN and Furious Fanboys and even once worked on Star Wars Galaxies (RIP). A long time ago in a galaxy far far away he used to Podcast about Star Wars with friends.