D23 and SDCC Prep is Officially Under Way

With just over a week and a half until D23 Expo and two and a half weeks until SDCC, my prep for both conventions is officially underway. Oh, yea. You have to prepare for these things. People who don’t end up having a terrible time, especially when they find out about the Hall H line and the fact that you have to camp out over night for it.

So I’m getting ready for two weeks of conventions. My MacBook Pro’s battery died and swelled up, breaking the trackpad, so I’m replacing both of those now so I have a laptop for both conventions. I also wanted to take my PS Vita for the Hall H line, but lost my charger. Since it’s a 1000 model, and uses the dumb proprietary connection, I had to track down an aftermarket charger since finding a Sony one for a system that isn’t “officially” discontinued is nearly impossible. I also have a new backpack to carry all my gear, which is also very important.

By the time SDCC rolls around the only thing I’ll need to get is a trolley card, which I’ll either do when I get down there or just use the phone app since I’m not driving to the convention center every day and paying for parking.

I’ve done these conventions for more than 15 years (SDCC) and the key is being prepared for days away from civilization.

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