One Month Until San Diego Comic Con

Today marks one month until the start of Preview Night at San Diego Comic Con. While I am still going to D23 Expo the week before, I’ll probably be doing a lot more streaming/sharing at SDCC especially since they don’t confiscate phones in Hall H like they do at D23.

So right now this is my tentative plan for that week.

I’ll be doing Facebook Live broadcasts on the Furious Fanboys Facebook page. These will hopefully be throughout the days and between panels in Hall H, all depending on cell signal of course as it can be hit and miss in the convention center and especially in Hall H.

I’m not taking my laptop (at least not at this time) but I want to try to post some longer updates here beyond what 140 characters on Twitter allows.

And when I’m not broadcasting to the Furious Fanboys Facebook, I’ll be using Periscope to Twitter.

I’ll be there for all four days and Preview Night, although I may leave early on Sunday depending on what’s going on.

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