Star Wars is For Everyone

Last week a Twitter friend of mine made a comment that “Star Wars Twitter” died on November 8th and hasn’t been the same since. I don’t know if that’s entirely true, although the last few months have shown why it isn’t wise to discuss certain things on social media as you’re likely to offend half the people who follow you. While Star Wars discussion has been interrupted with a lot of outside noise recently, the same is true with virtually everything else.

And someone posting personal opinions on social media isn’t anywhere as bad as what some other people use the “Star Wars” name to do. If you’re annoyed by someone retweeting something political on their Twitter feed, then someone exploiting Star Wars fans with a GoFundMe and a fake account promoting it should really enrage you. There’s more things to be upset about in regards to Star Wars than someone putting their personal opinion out there on Twitter.

Star Wars is for everyone, not just the people who share your politics or beliefs.

In other news, following all of that drama I actually considered relaunching the Star Wars site I did back in 2015. Instead I decided against it as it’s just another site to worry about between this blog and Furious Fanboys. That URL does redirect here though.

I’m counting down the days until D23 Expo and SDCC. Those two conventions are going to be huge. I wouldn’t be shocked if D23 Expo has Han Solo information while there’s a Last Jedi panel at SDCC focusing on the villains much like what they did for The Force Awakens. Back then the heroes were featured at Celebration, while Phasma and Hux were talked about at SDCC.

I’ll also try to be a bit more active here. I know I’ve said that in the past, but I’m going to make an effort at it now.

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