I’ve Finally Begun to Enjoy Final Fantasy XIV

I’ve been playing MMORPGs since Neverwinter Nights on AOL. If there’s a major one out, I at least give it a try. But my relationship with Final Fantasy XIV has been rocky. I was dumb enough to buy the 1.0 Collector’s Edition and because of how broken that was I didn’t really get into A Realm Reborn too much. I’d try to come back every few months and give it another try, but something about it never really clicked with me…until this weekend.

In WoW, I’d always be able to find something to keep me playing no matter what expansion it is. But with Legion once I unlocked flying in the Broken Isles I got really bored. I didn’t even want to bother playing an alt. So I decided to give FFXIV yet another try. In the past I’d get stuck because I didn’t realize how lucrative the daily leveling roulette would be in terms of experience so I’d do all the quests in an area and get up to where I couldn’t continue the main scenario and just get bored grinding repeatable leves.

But this weekend I decided to use the daily roulette as well as grind in the Palace of the Damned, and I finally got my Dragoon to 50. I’m finishing up the main scenario in A Realm Reborn and am all set to go to Heavensward. Is it going to be enough to make me give up WoW after thirteen years? I don’t know yet, but for the first time since launch I’m actually really enjoying Final Fantasy XIV. I do have Stormblood pre-ordered, so that’s another thing to drive me through these last ten levels to 60.

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