Too Many Games to Play & Cool Tech

Once again I’ve gone to long making any blog post, but this time I have the Switch to blame for it as well as other games that have come out.

Nearly a month later I’m still playing Breath of the Wild. The game deserved every single perfect score it received, and I don’t even know if I’ll be done with it before Mario Kart comes out at the end of the month. Then again, I’m actually kind of taking my time with it. I’m not rushing to defeat the Divine Beasts – I’ve done the Zora one and am about to the Garudo one – instead I’ve been running around claiming Towers and doing Shrines.

I’m also still playing Horizon on the PS4 Pro. It’s really good, almost a third-person Far Cray (not so much an UbiSoft open world game, it’s more like Far Cry) and it does look great on the Pro. The checkerboarding is done really well in Horizon, unlike FFXV where the artifacting (and frame rate) was pretty bad on the Pro.

Then on the Xbox I’m playing Mass Effect Andromeda. The animation is bad in parts, but most of the complaints have been overblown as the exploration gameplay and story is done well. Exploring planets and establishing outposts in Andromeda is exactly what I wanted from the game. I’m four hours in (first planet and outpost done) and really enjoying it.

Aside from having too many big games to play I’ve been playing around with Ring Stick Up cams. I’ve sold security cameras in the past, and before Ring came along what they offer was the Holy Grail. Outdoor, wireless, night vision, HD video, and cloud recording. I can’t tell you how many people wanted that sort of thing about five or six years ago. I know their doorbells work well, so I picked up three of the standalone cams (and will get a fourth).

Aside from one that had a battery issue (that was really painlessly dealt with via their warranty), they’re great. Just running off the battery they hold a charge for a very long time. One that’s running just on the battery is only down a small amount after a couple of weeks. Another one I have running off their solar panel and even though the positioning only gets great sunlight in the afternoon, it’s being kept at 100%.

I’m pretty happy with them and they’re much easier than running power and video cables from a DVR inside the house out to cameras.

This weekend I’m headed into the city to finally visit the Space Shuttle Endeavour, so I’ll be taking a lot of pictures and will post them then.

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