For Honor

I haven’t been able to blog much as it’s been a busy month, but I had to write something up about For Honor. I’m absolutely not one of those UbiSoft haters, Watch_Dogs 2 was easily one of my favorite games from last year, and I’ve been looking forward to For Honor for a while. I played both the closed and open betas, and immediately got the game on launch day.

The game is a pseudo-fighter focusing on melee combat between knights, vikings, and samurai with class based roles and multiplayer modes that are actually modeled a lot after those in FPS games. There are normal one-on-one duels (and others that add on other players in the duel). I did a 1v1 duel for one of the daily challenges:

My favorite mode is the domination mode, which is basically what it sounds like from other FPS games:

There is a single-player, but it’s not a really in-depth campaign like you’d expect but rather a few missions for each side.

It also seems like Ubi is handling the season pass and DLC in the same way they did Rainbow Six: Siege. In that game all the DLC was eventually free or purchasable for in-game currency, the Season Pass just gave you a boost to it and early access. That’s what it seems like For Honor is doing, which is a good thing as the R6 method was pretty well received.

I’ll be putting a lot more time into For Honor over the next two weeks until the Switch arrives. I’m playing it on the PS4 Pro.

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