My Thoughts on Nintendo Switch

It’s been almost a week since Nintendo officially unveiled the Switch, and there are still people out there overreacting over the system’s price…and I think I understand why.

Honestly I think a lot of people still have problems thinking outside of the console “box”. For quite a while mobile gaming (iOS/Android) has been rapidly overtaking traditional consoles and handhelds. Technically the iPad and iPhone are the two devices with the largest library of games and the most new releases on a regular basis because of the success of mobile gaming.

Nintendo has taken notice of this and has begun to do mobile titles with MiiTomo, Super Mario Run, and March’s Fire Emblem title. So when Nintendo revealed that the Switch as basically a tablet-based system I wasn’t shocked at all. I was kind of expecting them to go that way.

But most of the “hardcore gamers” who wouldn’t be caught dead playing a game on their iPhone definitely were shocked. They’re so shocked that the system’s $299 price tag is offensive to them, but when you think of it as a tablet with a capacitive touch screen, 32GB of storage, and the ability to play the games it can; it’s really not that bad.

Sure you can buy a two-year-old iPad Mini 2 with 32GB of RAM for the same price (and it’ll do more) but it won’t be running the same games. Even the comparable nVidia Shield Tablet (not the Shield TV) is $199 and that only has 16GB of storage (which is a complete joke even in 2015 when it came out).

I understand if Nintendo was releasing a console not as powerful as a PS4 or Xbox One for $300. I’d be upset too. But the Switch isn’t a traditional console. The system itself is the tablet, they just made a dock that will output it to a TV. So in a way Nintendo is fooling console fans in the US into thinking it’s a normal console.

They made a super powerful handheld, designed like a modern tablet, and made it look like a console for the US market where the consoles sell better. Handhelds do better in Nintendo’s home Japan.

The final version of Switch confirmed one of the oldest rumors about the system, that it’d be a console/handheld hybrid. I was ready for that, and looking beyond the hardware I’m very excited for it. I can’t wait to be able to play the first-party Nintendo games on the go, as well as stuff like Skyrim. It’s going to be very useful during the summer convention season with lots of lines to wait in.

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